About Oya Fidancılık

Oya Fidancılık A.Ş. was established in 2010 in Aydın within the framework of Polat Group in an area of 500 decares as production area and 1000 m² indoor area. We chose it as a principle to offer together with our expert staff on science, technics and technology a better service for the industry.

With the Lagerstroemia İndica L., Palm types, Bonsai Olive Trees and Oleander types Oya Fidancılık A.Ş. has taken quickly its place in the industry and moves forward with determination. Our efforts for a greener future with Oya Fidancılık are on going.

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Our Plant Variety

Crape Myrtle

(Lagerstroemia indica)

The Crape Myrtle is a native of Japan and China. They are plants with around 50 varieties in the form of trees and shrubs, which have colorful flowers. These are trees and shrubs with falling leaves. The length of the leaves varies between 2 and 8 centimeters. They have long-lived flowers. The flowers are gorgeous solitary terminal-flowered spicates. They have flowers in pink, purple, white and red tones. With it milk coffee – pinkish, straight and shiny tree trunk it is also attractive in the flowerless seasons. They grow slowly and the leaves changes to red in fall. They like sunny places. In landscape design they will be used as solitary tree and in shrub form. It is a plant which likes it to be trimmed. These trees are suitable to be used along roadways.

Mexican Fan Palm

(Washingtonia robusta)

It can survive on all kind of grounds such as sea filling soil, rocky areas, humid and dry soils. The tree trunk becomes thinner from beginning of the earth as it grows towards the top. With their wide, dark green leaves and their slightly hanging form they are rapid growing palms. In temperate zones they can survive till minus 12 ˚C. These palms are native to southwest America and northwest Mexico. They can reach up to 25m length. The leaves are fluffy and fan shaped in light green color and they can grow up to 1 m.

Windmill Palm

(Chamaerops excelsa)

Chamaerops excelsa is the most common palm type. It is a vigorous growing palm type. They can grow in Po valley despite frost in winter. It grows on a single unbranched, 10-15cm wide tree stump; not bushy on the bottom. The Leafstalk is less thorny or thornless. On the top they have a wide forelock. The surface of their dark green leaves is shiny; the bottom side has an ashen color. It can live in less rich soil, unless it is not too compact and clayish. It has vivid yellow colored beautiful bunch-like flowers and gray-blue pea sized fruits. It is a palm with fan shaped leaves which can grow up to 7-8m. They grow not very fast. The leaf width is 100-125 cm. It has many flowers, but small yellow ones. These flowers are bunch shaped. The trunk of the tree is covered with brown fiber. It can be damaged due to too much cold. Therefore, it is necessary to protect them in risky areas in winter.

European Fan Palm

(Chamaerops humulis)

They are palm trees, which are common along the temperate Mediterranean coast and northwest Africa. They grow easily on sand, seaside and rocky areas. So far 8 varieties of this palm type are known. In temperate regions it will be used as exemplary plant for gardens. The yellow flowers produce from spring to summer yellow fruits and seeds.




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